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Following the Iranian revolution or 1979 under Ayatollah Khomeini (1902-1989), the Family Protection Law was annulled and replaced by the Special Civil Court Act. The new law was entirely enacted in compliance with the Shiite law of ithnai Ashar (Twelvers), the courts are empowered to deal with a whole range of family issues, including divorce. According to the new law, legal marriage for girls plummeted to nine; 15 for boys, and members of the Iranian society were strictly segregated along gender lines. Women were forced to put hijab and were not allowed to appear in public with a man who was not a husband or a direct relation such as brother, father, or son. Women could be stoned to death for adultery, which incidentally, includes being raped. But the reformists under former president, Khatami, allowed single women to study abroad and raised the legal age for marriage from nine to 13 for girls. However, a woman's testimony in Iran is worth half that of a man in court and in the case of blood money that a murderer's family is obliged to pay to the family of the victim, females are estimated at half the value of a male.

If you do not share the details about your marital problems and issues with the legal professional, then it is unlikely that they can find solutions on such matters. Therefore, you should not hide even a slightest detail in your marital period from the attorney. It may happen that a small fact can change the orientation and result of your marital dissolution.

You should also make sure that you are not talking with the judges at all. You should not be writing the judges and you want to make sure that you are wise about the way that you are contacting the judges if you need to talk to them. If you require a divorce lawyer in Surrey trust the family law professionals at Sidhu Legal.

When times get tougher and it’s making your relationship with your spouse more burdensome, then it is time to sit down and think about it. But you have to clear your mind first before talking with your spouse. This way, you can get access to your thoughts freely without being angry or annoyed. If you have decided to offer a divorce, make it clear to your spouse your decision. Do not do the zigzag way of talking, get straight to the point. Remember, a divorce can devastate your spouse’s life. You have to open your mind to the possibilities that your spouse may not agree to it, he or she might even get hysterical about it. Divorce is not an easy thing; it can bring pain and tears. It can also hurt not just the heart but also the pride of your spouse. But never forget to stick to your decision always.After talking through your decision to your spouse about the divorce, you have to face the problem of finding a divorce lawyer. Divorce can really be expensive and can cost a lot of money. If you feel that you don’t have the money to afford one, do not worry because there are a lot of free divorce lawyers offered by the state. Here are some programs that offer free service to the community.First are the programs which are federally funded. These programs are actually meant to help those people who are of low-income and cannot afford an attorney’s fee. Their services also cover divorce so if you eventually find programs like these near you, then go for it.